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Deva VillanúaArmesto & Asociados (Madrid)
Since 2002 Deva Villanúa has been a lawyer in Armesto & Asociados, a boutique of arbitrators with an international, independent profile and a good business sense. Deva has been designated President of the Arbitral Tribunal, Emergency Arbitrator, sole Arbitrator and as party-appointed arbitrator in twenty cases; being the youngest persons ever nominated by the ICC as arbitrator and as emergency arbitrator. She has also acted as Secretary to the Arbitral Tribunal in around 20 commercial arbitrations. Deva has had an active involvement in more than 10 investment arbitrations. Mrs. Villanúa is tutor in the Private Law department of Carlos III University, Madrid. She is also a regular speaker and lecturer at many prestigious master programs specialised in arbitration. See annex for detailed description.