GoArb is one of the programs organized by IASC. It is a one-week introductory course on international arbitration based on the analysis of a mock case. GoArb has held editions all over the world with the collaboration of arbitral institutions, chambers of commerce, universities and young arbitration groups. The 2018 Madrid edition of GoArb is organized with the collaboration of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

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1.Introduction and Procedure

a. Introduction
b. Contracts and Treaties
c. Bilateral Investment Treaties
d. ICSID Convention
e. Applicable law
f. Bifurcation
g. Interim measures
h. Amicus curiae and confidentiality
i. Other procedural issues

2.Jurisdiction and Admissibility

a. Consent
b. Ratione temporis
c. Ratione personae
d. Ratione materiae
e. Cooling-off period
f. Fork-in-the-road
g. Denial of Benefits
h. Counterclaims

3.Substantive Protections

a. Contract claims
b. Expropriation
c. Fair and equitable treatment
d. Full protection and security
e. Most Favoured Nation
f. Umbrella clause



a. Available remedies
b. Costs
c. Annulment
d. Recognition and enforcement
e. Immunity


a. Oral Advocacy
b. Written Submissions Drafting
c. Cross Examination
d. Mock Hearings

7.Networking Events

a. Welcoming breakfast
b. ICC YAF Event
c. Young ICSID Event
d. IASC Event
e. Madrid Experience
f. Closing Reception